Clarks Hill Lake (J. Strom Thurmond Reservoir)

Lincoln - Georgia

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A sprawling impoundment of the Savannah River. Most anglers target stripers, largemouth, Crappie and bream. Very scenic with excellent public use facilities.

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Clarks Hill Lake (J. Strom Thurmond Reservoir) Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 5 lb. 8 oz. Largemouth Bass with a strike king square bill 2.5

  2. Started fishing today

    1. Tod Fisher 0
      Haha, I've had those. ☺️ anything I can do to help, let me know. Using a bobber? or a sinker on bottom? is it a private lake ?
    2. This lake has gotten the best of me... trying a boat today :)
    3. Tod Fisher 0
      How did you make out with the canoe and minnows yesterday?
    4. Tod Fisher 0
      That sounds like a good ideaπŸ‘
    5. None this morning. Going to take the minnows out tonight on a canoe.
    6. Tod Fisher 0
      so did you get any bites today?
    7. Tod Fisher 0
      i fish from a boat, or kayak mostly, now, but I still fish from the dock or bank sometimes.
    8. Will do. Do you fish from a dock or do you go out on the lake?
    9. Tod Fisher 0
      if that don't work, flip over a rock and find you a worm or a cricket. πŸ‘
    10. Nothing yet. Tried fake worm and catfish bait with no luck. Will be going out again this morning.
    11. Tod Fisher 0
      So howd you do?
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  3. 2 lb. 12 in. Largemouth Bass with a Hali Sukkula Jigs

  4. Uncle smacked a good one today in the big bass tour. This one was worth a check.

    5 lb. 4 oz. 21.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a lifted jigs with a rage crawl

    1. Bryan Harper 0
      I’ve shore fished there twice visiting family in Evans! A beautiful place
    2. Mike Freeman 0
      Good Ole Carks Hill. Love that lake. Nice bass
    3. 5.12 lbs
    4. Awesome catch he’s a big boy
    5. Scott Sorrell 0
      Good one
    6. Bryan Harper 0
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  5. My boyfriend Ben Fowler big catch of the night. July 29, 2019. This big boy weighted about 42lbs. We didn't have fish scales so we use my bathroom scales.

    Flathead Catfish with a Cut bait

    1. Aldo Rosado 0
      Looks like all went well. The bait is right, the fishing pole intact , good knot, no line snapping. You were ready for anything bigger as well. Nice Work.
    2. Jeff Ultican 0
      that’s a dandy congrats
    3. Demetrius Wright 0
      What a Beast!!
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  6. Largemouth Bass

    1. Jim Worley 0
      Thanks Tim. It is a popular area!!
    2. Tim Green 0
      Great catch,,,, good place,,I believe I recognize spot....back ground... Great 🎏 too ya..,.
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  7. It. aint pretty but it sure was fun catching it on 4lb test. Wishing it was a bass lol. And I got the whole fish in the pic this time πŸ˜€

    FreshwaterDrum / Gaspergou

    1. Debbie F 0
      Wow that had to be an amazing fight! 🎣
    2. Aldo Rosado 0
      That's nice. I hung a 17 lb. Largemouth and all my friends guessed her weight when she broke water. We was Crappie fishing trolling in my bloat when she hit ...more the minnow on 4 lb test line. There was no way in hell she was coming out on 4 lb test. She snapped the line.
    3. Debbie F 0
      Thank you Josh! That one was a big surprise lol.
    4. Josh Sommerville 0
      Nice catch on 4lb line DebbieπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ».Congrats
    5. Debbie F 0
      Thanks Shawn. Yep a little April fools alright haha
    6. Debbie F 0
      Ye Bill, s a big smelly fish. :)
    7. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Those drum can fool you. Nice catch!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    8. Bill Fussell 0
      Man that is a biggun lol
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  8. Bite was on chartreuse or crawdad model A bomber crank baits last Sunday (10/28/18). We could target spotted bass on main lake as well as secondary points. Largemouth ...more are moving to the backs of coves. Spinnerbait was also a reliable second.

  9. This weeks Crappie catches while fishing with Little River Guide Service

    Black Crappie with a Slab slayer jigs

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