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Suwannee Sound Fishing Reports

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    1. peacockking 0
      Nice triple tail
  1. Details: Blacktip Shark with a cut bait

    I'm looking for UNIQUE steak recipes you may have tried that were winners for non fish lovers

    1. j_reyes 0
      if its store bought I dont eat it only eat shark I catch
    2. j_reyes 0
      lol sounds good but you should try my way next time it comes out very soft if you marinate it over night in lemon pepper and hotsauce and then fry it
    3. ObieTheGreat 0
      @j_reyes I ended up doing the ceviche w a little hot sauce....I don't know how some could go vegan
    4. j_reyes 0
      how did you cook it
    5. ObieTheGreat 0
      @j_reyes I've been meaning to thank u!
    6. ObieTheGreat 0
      @Luis_G1 whoa....I really like the sound of a great ceviche
    7. Luis_G1 0
      ceviche & ginger
    8. j_reyes 0
      overnight in lemon juice and pepper with hot sauce then fry
    9. Chris_sundownfishing 0
      Yeah, I've had it few times and it's been good for me.
    10. ObieTheGreat 0
      @ChrisIsCrazy easy and sound good for most meats
    11. Chris_sundownfishing 0
      Shark marinated in Italian dressing then broiled
    12. Justin Spigener 0
      It was fantastic. Had what looked liked slabs of chicken fried shark for two three days straight. Wish I has saved more.
    13. ObieTheGreat 0
      @Spigener101 kudos! Now, I can eat it w no season grilled quick but this is great for those who are a little less adventurous w their taste buds
    14. Justin Spigener 0
      Especially if good if you make the bakes from scratch.
    15. Justin Spigener 0
      Google shark and bake. It is an awesome, delicious way to prepare black tip. A Trinidadian way to prepare..
    16. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      True story! I find that cooking fish is just like life the simpler the better... you don't need all kinds of crazy ingredients to make it awesome!
    17. ObieTheGreat 0
      Nice! Between work, family & hunting life, fishing is next in the list of qualities I'm trying to get into @shadow21488 is the icing on the plank
    18. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      No problem dude I love eating fish just as much as I love catching them!
    19. ObieTheGreat 0
      @shadow21488, way to deliver . Thanx for sharing the wisdom!
    20. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      2 min then pour it over fish in a baking dish of any size. Put in oven covered in oven at 375 degrees until the fish looks good and done. This is my go to recipe ...more for any fish
    21. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      1 cup white wine (preferably Pinot noir) 1 tablespoon minced garlic, 3 tablespoons margarine or butter, salt, lots of fresh cracked pepper combine all of that in ...more a saucepan/pot and bring to a boil for
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  2. Details: Blacktip Shark with a cut bait

    I'm still in the learning stages & my best friend told me to sever the head of this blacktip....back of the boat looked like a murder scene

    1. Chris Skinner 0
      True story brotha!
    2. ObieTheGreat 0
      @MulletHead @Cowboy713 when u do what u ain't work. We notice that, fellas
    3. Gabe Mitchell 0
      A fishing or hunting trip from someone too! Lol
    4. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @ObieTheGreat ha, we enjoy it bud. Occasionally we weasel a
    5. ObieTheGreat 0
      @MulletHead u guys get an "A" for administration participation w your consumers
    6. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Haha, ok, either way you're an animal for decaptitating blacktips.
    7. ObieTheGreat 0
      @MulletHead not to be too specific but my dad is Obiwan & makes me Obitwo lol
    8. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Don't mess with Obiewan!
    9. ObieTheGreat 0
      I get having to do something quick but I wasn't expecting that @Cowboy713 ....Now , that's the fish'n I'd rather do when I can
    10. Chris Skinner 0
      Nice catch though, looks like good eatin to me
    11. Chris Skinner 0
      Haha I know how that goes, I've never heard of severing the head though, we usually cut through the base of the tail till it cuts the spine
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  3. Details: Bonnethead Shark with a cut bait

    That bonnet head showed up close to the boat and still won't bite

    1. Chris Skinner 0
      Hmmm, guess he's just a smart one, usually they can't resist a chunk of fresh bloody cut bait
    2. ObieTheGreat 0
      I'm still very fresh in the scene & learning, we did well but this particular one wasn't caught that day out @Cowboy713
    3. Chris Skinner 0
      They wouldn't take fresh cut?
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  4. Details: Blacktip Shark with a cut bait

    I think we caught this same fella 3 times.....where's your momma?

    1. ObieTheGreat 0
      @heddas68 I'm more a hunter than fisherman. Welcome to the sunshine state! What part?
    2. Heather Lathim 0
      Wow! I just moved to Florida less than 2 wks ago & can't wait to get out there & fish! I love catching the big ones! But back in Washington state, we ...more fished for sturgeon.
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  5. Details: Bonnethead Shark with a cut bait

    Great times in Cedar Key....caught this small beast before we knew we could keep em

    1. KJenkins24 0
      Nice fish
  6. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

  7. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

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