St. Augustine

St. Johns - Florida

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St. Augustine and Florida's surrounding north central coast possess a rich, historical heritage, as well as a unique ability to address the contemporary needs of its visitors and residents. In addition to the many museums depicting the early Spanish colo...

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St. Augustine Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. Could be a record flounder, waiting for official weight. Personal best doormat! Caught at 430am!

    Summer Flounder with a Jig/Chartreuse Swimming Mullet

    1. Christopher Pereira 0
      awesome fluke dude
  2. My buddy Rick and I each got a spade fish on bow and arrow while fishing offshore from St. Augustine about ten miles. They are always hanging out right over wrecks, ...more and swim near the surface, so it doesn't take long to get a good shot at them.

    8 lb. 26 in. Atlantic Spadefish with a Bow and arrow

    1. jeff mcelroy 0
      cool looking fish
    2. sw fishing 0
      Don't see many cobias but the cudas and kings hang out near my chum bags. but never bite. I guess I will try with a bow.
    3. Don Smith 0
      Theoretically, you might with cudas, because they hang out under the boat sometimes, but I've never seen kings swimming nearby. Cobia would be a potential target, ...more but I'd want the arrow tied to a buoy if I was doing that. I'm not sure if it's even legal to shoot cobia. But spade fish are definitely legal.
    4. sw fishing 0
      can you do that with kings or cudas
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  3. Flat-lined pogy over a sunken tugboat 6 miles east of St. Augustine. Beast. Took 15 minutes to wear him out on a 6000-series spinning rig.

    25 lb. 36 in. Crevalle Jack with a Pogy on flatline

  4. 22 lb. 40 in. Cobia with a Jig with live pogy

  5. 4 lb. Crevalle Jack with a watermelon jig

  6. Big guy want to fight. I won. Released

    72 in. Barracuda with a grunt

    1. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice cuda!!
  7. Trolling for kings and this fatty decided to eat

    20 lb. 3 oz. 36 in. Bonito Tuna with a live pogie

    1. Capt. Kenneth Walker 0
      Oh yeah !!
    2. Rich Pardy 0
    3. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      He pulled pretty good i bet!
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  8. Caught this guy at the dock

    Gulf Flounder

  9. Caught this pretty flounder on the jetties at St Aug inlet.

    Gulf Flounder

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