Ponce Inlet

Volusia - Florida

  • 318 catches


  • 14 spots

Ponce Inlet offers an interesting fishing experience due to the multiple freshwater tributaries. You can catch both fresh and saltwater species on this waterway. The Lighthouse Point Park offers shore fishing and boat launch access.

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Ponce Inlet Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. Incoming tide. Not a snook 😡

    20 in. Spanish Mackerel with a Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnows

  2. Incoming tide, overcast day

    17 in. Southern Flounder with a live mullet

  3. 85 lb. 780 in. Tarpon with a mullet

    1. Randy Campbell 0
      nice tarpon
    2. Randy Campbell 0
      There are a lot of tarpon toward the Tomoka basin right now
    3. Michael Mann 0
      It’s ponce inlet first post so still learning
    4. Randy Campbell 0
      why do people post and hide location ??
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  4. real good fight caught him bottom fishing

    King Mackerel

  5. Hi,
    friendly family of 3 will be on vacation in the area from 10-31-17 to 11-2-17.
    We would love to meet up with a fisherman/fishing lady/fishing family, either ...more giving it a try from the shore or jetty, or going out on a boat and donating our share of gas/costs..... would be thrilled to hear from you :-)) !
    Thanks Tasha

    1. Alex Fishing 0
      email eastcoastvip@gmail.com
    2. Alex Fishing 0
      hello, I have a nice offshore boat, we can fish the inlet or go out to one of the reefs if the ocean is calm.
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  6. Barracuda with a live grunt

  7. Trigger fish with a squid

    1. Kenneth Olivo 0
      I have a ton of gas money lolol awesome catch Alex
    2. Alex Fishing 0
      I agree, triggers are delicious, and easy to clean if u know how, videos on YouTube are great. Im always looking for people to pitch in for gas if you want to go ...more fishing
    3. William Craddock 0
      That is the best fish you will ever eat hopefully you know the way to properly fillet them they are like cutting steel if you do not theres a good video on utube ...more if you need it
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  8. big shark ate three this size

    Red Snapper with a grunt chunk

    1. Alex Fishing 0
      im going 20 miles out tomorrow and im looking for one or 2 fishermen to join and help with gas money email me at luv2fish1968@yahoo.com
    2. paul rubert 0
      There were a lot of sharks off site 5 yesterday too. Fishing was pretty good but a lot of other boaters there also!
    3. paul rubert 0
      There were a lot of sharks off site 5 yesterday too. Fishing was pretty good but a lot of other boaters there also!
    4. Alex Fishing 0
      yeah we didnt even get a head back on the other 2
    5. Robert Coleman 0
      How rude! Lol
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  9. right off the beach with live manheaden

    31 lb. Crevalle Jack with a live bait fish

    1. Alex Fishing 0
      thanks amazing what you can catch next to the beach when the baitfish are everywhere
    2. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice one!
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  10. offshore 30 miles

    Red Snapper with a live pin fish

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