Long Key

- Florida

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Long Key Fishing Reports

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  1. A good day on the 409 hump. Not fast and furius, but we got our 10 tuna. We deep jigged and picked up a couple Amber Jacks as well. We worked our way back in and ...more found some Mahi Mahi at some weeds. We caught a few but they were all to small. We tried multiple spots on the way back with out much luck. The weeds just aren't established enough yet. The "Joe's wreck" gave us another AJ and everyone was wore out. A good offshore day with friends. Thanks to Tim, Mary, and Jen for the good time. #raymarinepartner #saltwaterfishing #deepseafishing #bucketlist

    3 lb. 12 in. Black Fin Tuna with a rubber squid, black&purple and Mahi color

  2. We went to the Marathon West hump to find tuna. Using squid skirts it didn't take long. We got our 10 tuna for the boat in quick order. We tried deep jigging ...more but the current was ripping and we couldn't keep the jigs vertical. We decided to head back to Long Key and see what we could find. We found some floating debris on the way back in 600 feet of water. There were a hundred bar jacks, a small shark, and we chummed up our first Mahi of the Year!!! Using a chunked up Bonita we got them to the boat and the action was insane. Probably had 10 to 20 Mahi around the boat! When said and done we got some and let the rest go for another day. This is why I stay here in April, and It's just getting started. #Raymarine Partner #Saltwaterfishing #deepseafishing

    Blackfin Tuna with a squid skirts

  3. Smaller tarpon caught by channel 5 bridge.

    10 lb. 30 in. Tarpon with a pilchard

    1. Scott S 0
      Lucky you.😁😁😜
    2. Terry kremer 0
      probably bigger. I didn't have a scale with me. Small to me because we get 5 to 6 footers down here.
    3. Scott S 0
      Beautiful fish, are you sure its only 10 pounds? It looks bigger than that.
    4. View full conversation
  4. Biggest mangrove snapper I've ever seen. 23" monster. It chowed down on a live Pilchard on a bottom rig. #raymarinepartner #fishinglife #saltwaterfishing

    3 lb. 23 in. Mangrove Snapper with a pilchard

  5. Went back out to the 250 airplane wreck. They were crushing the jigs today. Brought back 2 good amberjacks and missed a few more. It was a good day on the reef as ...more well. #raymarinepartner #fishinglife #saltwaterfishing

    40 lb. 36 in. Greater Amberjack with a speed jig

  6. We finally got a break in the wind. We went out back in the Florida Bay for a few hours because the Atlantic side was still too rough. Tried to find mangroves, but ...more the Spanish Mackerel moved in and kept cutting us off. We got out the mackerel wire rigs and decided to clean house on the mackerel. Between the cut bait, chrome spoons, and twitch baits we did pretty well. 15 Mackerel and 7 keeper mangroves. A good time with Ralph, Melvin, and Steve. Thank you to Something Catchy Charters for the ride. #raymarinepartner #fishinglife #saltwater fishing.

    3 lb. 24 in. Spanish Mackerel with a cut bait

  7. A decent day on the reef. Missed a big AJ on the wreck. Found a great spot for yellowtail, but you have to catch 5 to keep one. Not really a bad thing.

    Yellowtail Snapper with a cut bait

  8. 50 lb. Greater Amberjack with a long jig

  9. good day on the wreck

    60 lb. 50.0 in. Greater Amberjack with a pinfish

  10. amberjacks, blackfin tuna, yellow tail snapper

    30 lb. 45.0 in. Black Fin Tuna with a pinfish

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