Crystal River

Citrus - Florida

  • 17 catches


  • 22 spots

A section of the Crystal River in Citrus County, Florida.

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Crystal River Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. So small you couldnt make a sandwich with it

    Black Grouper with a Shrimp

    1. Doug Bowers 0
      That's a gag not black
    2. bob mauuro 0
    3. papis velez 0
      lol still a nice catch bud
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  2. fishing with my grandson drew omelian using light tackle w/10# test braid.

    Red Drum with a mirorlure topwater

    1. walter clampffer 0
      no, just moved into a new residence in Crystal River and been busy with that. My grandson went out last nite 12:00pm landed a huge snook on a rattle trap. I am now ...more looking for some one go fishing with, share expense etc.
    2. Ed Ballinger 0
      Been staying in until all this cold front stuff moves been lately ?
    3. walter clampffer 0
      Have you used the whopper popper yet! not cheap but nothing Dalberg does is.
    4. Ed Ballinger 0
      Man mirror lures been around a long time. Use to fish Flamingo years and they always did the trick !
    5. walter clampffer 0
      Thanks man, hope you can do the same.
    6. Wade Bowles 0
      The only thing better than a great catch, spending time fishing with the family! Nice work on both.
    7. walter clampffer 0
      another wonderful day, we are so blessed.
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  3. out fishing with the kids having fun on grandpa's boat .

    bonnet head with a squid

  4. Yesterday we caught Red's, Trout, Gray Snapper, Catfish and had a great fight with a Stingray. It was a nice size and I fought it on light tackle for 20 mins ...more to get it to the side of the boat to release. Great fun.

    Red Drum with a Live Shrimp

    1. Mike Carney 0
      Hi Thomas. No I was free lining a live shrimp with 40b Mono. Good luck.
    2. Thomas Garcia 0
      Hi, did you use popping cork? I'm going down on vacation and looking for some tips. Thanks
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  5. 8 Feet of water high tide, and 2 hours after on outgoing. The wife Caught 3 trout, 1 Gray Snapper all keepers. Threw back 4 baby shark 2 ft long, great fight. Popping ...more cork at 4ft.

    Sea Trout with a Shrimp on Popping Cork

  6. Details: Red Drum with a Live Shrimp

    This is a great spot for all kinds of fish. Caught 2 Redfish among 4 other species in about 3 hours. Fish on an incoming tide.

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