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Chaffee - Colorado

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Clear Creek Reservoir, a 407 acre impoundment, offers excellent fishing for rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout. The kokanee salmon fishery is rebounding from an earlier die-off and tiger muskie are reaching trophy size. (CDOW)

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Clear Creek Reservoir Fishing Reports

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  1. Brought in 8 just west of the boat ramp, all were about 12 inches. Bait was orange sparkled powerbait. No luck with lures.

  2. Clear Creek Reservoir boat ramp is open Thursday through Monday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Here is an update from Jerry Hornbuckle: "Improved weather conditions—lower ...more winds, less rain, cooler temperatures—have brought a slight improvement in fishing conditions at Clear Creek Reservoir. Also, mayfly hatches continue in the upper region of the lake. From shore, PowerBait dominates artificial lures and flies and, for most people, worms. Four fish limits of trout are obtained by most people in two hours’ time. No kokanee were reported caught from shore, but two or three suckers were landed. From boats, both trolling and casting while drift fishing were successful for some boaters, but there were still some days that were not very productive. Those lures trolled that did well were Tasmanian Devils (both yellow and pink colors) and small Rapalas with brown trout and rainbow trout color patterns. For those casting lures, Kastmasters and Thomas Buoyant spoons have been reported to do well, too. Numbers of kokanee landed continue to increase slightly from week to week, although not in large numbers. Similarly, there are increased reports of tiger muskie sightings and of being 'hooked but not landed.' As for fly fishermen, the Adams and Adams Parachute patterns continue to be productive around the shoreline, whether fished from a boat or on shore itself." Report courtesy of and Zeiner’s Bass Shop.

  3. Clear Creek Reservoir boat ramp is open Thursday through Monday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Here is an update from Jerry Hornbuckle: "The past two weeks the fishing at ...more Clear Creek Reservoir were not only worse than bad, they were even worse than that. There were several days that rain chased everyone away, and in only one of those did the fish bite during the rainstorm. That day, a few brave stalwarts stood soaking wet in a torrential downpour but catching fish, unlike the other days when sunny skies and mild temperatures produced nothing. The big news in this period was that a 41-inch tiger muskie was landed by one fisherman, and two others were hooked but not landed. A 'Dynamic' lure similar to a Rapala caught the one; one of those 'hooked' but not landed was attracted to a large version of something similar to a ellow Sally' spinner lure normally used for largemouth and smallmouth Bass. In this case it grabbed one of the spinners but held it for only two or three seconds. In the midst of all those fish that weren’t caught, several kokanee were boated by fishermen trolling in the longer branch of the reservoir. It’s approaching that time before they spawn that their feeding frenzy makes fishing for them great fun. From shore, PowerBait caught some fish but for two people to catch their limit, if they were one of the lucky few that did, it took three hours or more. The usual lures that can ordinarily catch trout were generally not very productive, and even worms and flies of various patterns were disappointing. One of the only two bright spots were that many people reported seeing large numbers of fish either visually in the upper shallow end of the lake, or in deeper waters on fish finders. So the fish are there: they’re just not biting anything. The other bright spot was fishing with dry flies along the south shore, or in the southwest corner. There were also, however, some second hand reports of good fishing from shore with PowerBait on the Northwest corner along “the beach,” but no first hand reports of this were received. With respect to the fishing all we can say is, 'Wait’ll next week!'" Report courtesy of and Zeiner’s Bass Shop.

  4. Clear Creek Reservoir boat ramp is open Thursday through Monday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Here is an update from Jerry Hornbuckle: "This past week saw a marked increase ...more in the number of people fishing at the reservoir, both from shore and from boats, and somewhat larger numbers of fish caught. However, fewer of the large rainbow trout brooders were landed. From shore, trout tended to prefer PowerBait and worms, although casting a fly with a bubble produced good numbers for some fishermen. In general, the daily limit of four fish per person was usually caught in two hours or less. A few "catch and release shore" fishermen did land much larger numbers of fish in a three hour period using PowerBait, small spoons or spinner lures. From boats, the best results were from trolling just off the south shore, across the lake from the boat ramp parking lot. Worms trolled beneath cowbells consistently worked well all over the lake. Lures notably successful trolled were Rooster Tails, Tasmanian Devils, and small Rapalas, although several other lures of various types worked for other boaters. Small flies trolled deep produced the largest numbers caught this past week; one woman from Colorado Springs reported a "hundred fish day." Others flyfishing with various dry flies matched to the daily hatches also did well around the shore, best again off the south shore. While no one reported landing any Tiger Muskies, two kokanee were reported caught, one small at about 12 inches, the other approximately 16 inches. Just as hoped for in the previous week’s fishing report, fishing did improve this last week." Report courtesy of and Zeiner’s Bait and Tackle.

  5. Clear Creek Reservoir boat ramp is open Thursday through Monday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Here is an update from Jerry Hornbuckle: "For the first week of July, fishing ...more has not been very good. The typical catch was two fish per hour; the best was about three per hour; and many people this past week were “skunked,” which is very unusual for our lake. This typical catch of one or two fish per hour was independent of whether fishing from a boat or from the shore, or what you were fishing with: PowerBait, worms, spoons, spinner lures, small Rapala-like artificial minnows, or other lures. As a whole Panther Martins seemed to be the lure of choice for the fish, but rooster tails, Montero Marvels (similar to a Pistol Pete), Mepps Cyclops, and many other lures did just as well. One couple did well in the first hour of daylight fishing from shore with worms two or three days in a row. And last Monday a man caught a 38 inch, 19.5 pound tiger muskie -- the first of this season. Four days later another one was caught, brought to the boat side but lost in an attempted netting. Perhaps there will be season to be caught will be early this year. In that regard, a single kokanee was on that same day. All in all, fishing was just not very good this past week; perhaps it will be better next week." Report courtesy of and Zeiner’s Bait and Tackle.

  6. Clear Creek Reservoir boat ramp is open Thursday through Monday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Here is an update from Jerry Hornbuckle: "The good news this week is that ...more for the past several days we have had daily hatches of mayflies, joining the gnats previously reported. Fly fishermen have been having success with Blue Duns generally everywhere but especially so from boats on the upper end of the lake in the shallows. While fish caught are mostly Rainbow stockers, increasing numbers of Browns are being caught now. Wherever the stocker rainbows are caught—primarily 10 to 13 inches length—no matter what tackle type is used, the fish are unusually active. They tend to “tail walk,” “flip” end over end in the air, or “body surf” half out of the water. Fighting like this makes them much more fun to catch. The week’s bad news is wind and weather. Most days winds pick up in the late morning. Winds of 15 to 20 mph can produce waves up to two feet in height on the lake. Barometric pressure variations have also tended to suppress feeding by fish. From shore, PowerBait and worms continue to produce modest numbers of rainbow trout around the lakeshore with some locations doing much better than others. For example, the beach on the northeast corner of the lake near the dam, and the much larger beach on the upper, northwest corner have reported much better results than elsewhere. PowerBait results have been spotty; salmon eggs have done well. Small spinner lures and spoons have produced small numbers of fish, with Kastmasters being the lure preferred by fishermen; gold and red colors seem to work better than others. From boats, small spinner lures and spoons trolled or cast worked well. Those trolling with worms on a bare hook beneath pop gear were OK, but not exciting. Tasmanian Devils and Needlefish produced daily limits or more in a couple of hours. Small, two-inch Rapalas have done well, too. No tiger muskies or kokanee salmon were reported caught, although a few small suckers were landed and kept to be used as cut bait for lake trout elsewhere." Report courtesy of, Zeiner’s Bass Shop.

  7. Clear Creek Reservoir boat ramp is open Thursday through Monday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fishing has been good from boats and shore. Shore fishermen using various bait ...more including worms and power bait. Most fishermen are bait fishing as the insects have not really come out yet. Most common bait is PowerBait. Here is an update from Jerry Hornbuckle: "This past week has been a continuation of the previous ones. Smaller stockers have been caught at rates between 5 and 15 per hour per person from both shore and boats, and a few larger sized rainbow trout were caught every day. From shore, PowerBait and worms continue to produce good numbers of rainbow trout all around the lakeshore with no distinct difference based upon location. Lures were spotty. Some days almost any lure did well; on other days, certain ones worked well but not others. This past week, Kastmasters seem to have been better than others, although Tasmanian Devils, and Montero Marvels or Pistol Petes fished with a water-filled bubble on spinning gear did just as well. Just as with last week, color preferences tended to be blue and silver, or red and gold patterns. In general terms, your favorite lure fished in your lucky spot seems to be the best combination. From boats, small spinner lures trolled or cast worked well. Those trolling with worms on a bare hook beneath pop gear produced fun results and numbers. Winds have, in general, suppressed fly fishing, but the few fly fishermen have seemed to do well with wet flies doing better than dry. Pheasant tails were reported to do well, and San Juan worms, too. Morning hatches of gnats were observed, not other insect species. Please note that when people report large numbers of fish caught, the majority of those caught are “catch and release,” subject to state regulations for daily catch limits and total possession limits."

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