Lake Oroville

Butte - California

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Lake Oroville, also known as Lake Edmonston, is a reservoir in the U.S. state of California, formed by the Oroville Dam across the Feather River. The lake is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada about 5 miles northeast of Oroville. At over 3,500...

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Lake Oroville Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 5 lb. 24 in. Chinook Salmon with a Orange/Copper Speedy Shiner

    1. castmy bait 0
      great photo! happy fisherman.
    2. Mike Mullen 0
      Hi Rick. Thanks for the info. I heard the most consistent bites are between Bidwell Point and the dam at 30-40 feet with wiggle hoochies behind a small sling blade ...more or dodger. Early mornings before the sun fully hits the water. Might see ya on the water someday. Good luck!
    3. Rick Norton 0
      just off Potters Point in about 65 ft downrigger at 42 ft. Trolling speedy shiners at about 3 mph.
    4. Mike Mullen 0
      Nice catch. Where on the lake and what water depth?
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  2. 8 oz. 7 in. Bluegill

    1. Y Y 0
      where on the banks of oroville lake can i take my young kids to do fishing for aggressive and small perch like this
  3. 10 in. Spotted Bass with a Worm

  4. caught 18 , only 2 keepers though

    1 lb. 13 in. Spotted Bass with a Rapala Jointed shad

    1. Alex Lloyd 0
      Shad jointed Rapala
    2. Scott Stevenson 0
      Mind if I ask what color? I'm new to fishing oroville.
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  5. 1 lb. 2 oz. 14 in. Spotted Bass with a brush hog

    1. Gary Paye 0
      where were you fishing?
  6. Caught on a Zoom Baby Brush hog

    1 lb. 14 in. Spotted Bass

    1. Alex Lloyd 0
      The color is watermelon red
    2. Alex Lloyd 0
      the water temp is 73 degrees
    3. Jim Olson 0
      what is the water temp
    4. Jim Olson 0
      I am headed that way this weekend, what colors are you using
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  7. To all those near or around Oroville, be safe and our thoughts are with you and the lake. Let's hope those spillways stay strong!

    1. Pete Gonzales 0
      real slow bite, a lot of water still coming in but I could tell that it was decreasing between pre-fish on Friday and the tourney on Saturday. Water was complete ...more mud in the south but north was clearer.
    2. Brian Jensen 0
      How was the fishing with that high of water and flow?
    3. Pete Gonzales 0
      Fished there on Saturday at a club tourney. Couldn't get near the dam but from a distance the emergency spillway looked like an infinity pool edge. I guess now ...more I can say I was on Lake Oroville when it was the highest it will ever be.
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  8. 12.3lbs

    Largemouth Bass with a Sinko

  9. 5 lb. 3 oz. Largemouth Bass with a senko

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