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  1. Chartreuse/White, Silver Willow blade with secondary colorado Spinner Bait. Just the 1 dollar Jobber from Walmart. Hit it on the drop as I pulled it off the edge ...more of the rock shelf.

    1. Ron Blacic 0
      Them winter bass need to eat too!
  2. One of two rainbows for the day while I was kayak fishing. Caught them with a worm and and a red salmon egg under a clear float at about 5 feet of depth. I'm ...more estimating the weight because the batteries on my scale were dead.

    12 oz. 12 in. Rainbow Trout with a Worm with egg

    1. Chris Melton 0
      Thanks. They stock the lake here once a month from November to March and you can get some decent sized rainbows. The trick is figuring out what they are feeding ...more on.
    2. james hanson 0
      awsome fish
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  3. 22 inch 4lbs 13oz, catch and release. Fought fish for 10 mins on 2lb test.

    Rainbow Trout with a Paddletail swim bait

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
    2. Kenneth Olivo 0
      Beautiful fish man
    3. Neal M 0
      Nice one
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  4. Kayak fishing this morning when I hooked into this fat 2 1/2 pound, 17 inch largemouth in Ash Canyon on the rock wall. I was bumping the lure off of the bottom ...more and thought I was snagged until it started running.

    2 lb. 8 oz. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a Berkley PowerBait MaxScent 4 in. Flatnose Minnow

    1. Chris Melton 0
      Cool. Fished 6 hours on Sunday and had two solid hits on a wacky worm but nothing else.
    2. Calvin Harris 0
      I caught a 14.25 inch bass on 11/10/2018 on that side of patty
    3. james hanson 0
      nice hog
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  5. Kayak fishing on Lower Salt, caught a total of 10 Largemouth in all on a custom made powerbait with this being the biggest one.

    2 lb. Largemouth Bass with a PowerBait Worm

    1. Chris Melton 0
      I was using a drop shot rig with the weight below the hook. I was slowly dragging the weight on the bottom and the worm powerbait was about 12 to 18 inches off ...more of the bottom.
    2. Delvin Lopez 0
      Nice fish, did you float it?
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  6. Rainbow Trout

    1. Isagani Abalos 0
      7' Ultralight rod, 4 lb test line, atomic tube by Berkley
    2. Ron Blacic 0
      What did you use?
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  7. Details: Yellow Bass

    1. jon cruz 0
      On shore? Or in a boat?
  8. Details: 1 lb. 5 oz. 12 in. Rainbow Trout with a Cheese power bait

    2 trout

  9. Details: Brown Trout with a Acme Phoebe

    Have caught many fish there. Bass, rainbows and browns. One caught and leased over 50 browns.

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