Kenai River

Kenai Peninsula - Alaska

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A section of the Kenai River in Kenai Peninsula County, Alaska.

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Kenai River Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: Blue Marlin

    Alright so I gotta call from one of my good buddies the other day and he had something pretty good to say.. "fuckk man just got a couple uhh float tubes, you ...more wanna take em out tomorrow and fish?" You probably know what my answer was "hallee yEaH buddy!! 🎣"

    1. rowdy2404 0
      No need for the filthy language
  2. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    I was letting it drag on bottom and he hit it

  3. Details: Dolley Varden Trout

    1. easton Armstrong 0
      That's my fish that's me holding it
  4. Details: Sockeye Salmon

    Delicious... Nothin beats sockeye

  5. Details: Sockeye Salmon

    Hooked into some great socketed few weeks ago

  6. Details: Chinook/King Salmon

    Now this fish is something special...... First fish of the trip and my dad hooks into this beast!!! A half an hour fight later and we had him netted. We taped him ...more out at 57 inches.... (2 INCHES SHY OF THE WORLD RECORD!!!!!!) unfortunately we didn't get any better pictures of it because we wanted to pass it's genetics on by releasing it as unharmed as possible. Absolutely unreal

  7. Details: Chinook/King Salmon

    My 45 pounder from my Alaska trip!!!

  8. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    I got it drifting

  9. Details: Dolley Varden Trout with a bead

    Last fish of the trip a 19 in dolly

    1. Matthew_L 0
      Beautiful fish, great trip, it's on my list!
  10. Details: Coho Salmon with a salmon eggs

    10lb silver salmon wade fishing

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