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McIntosh - Oklahoma

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The ODWC stocked significant numbers of Walleye fingerling in the late 80's and early 90's. Today, a good number of fish are present. White Crappie are plentiful. If you want big ones, head to the Gaines Creek area. All three types of catfish are arou

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Lake Eufaula Fishing Reports

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  1. Yamamoto popin frog Kiowa lake Oklahoma

    4 lb. 10 oz. Largemouth Bass

  2. Took the kids out for some fishing on Lake Eufaula caught our limits and some really big crappie!!!

    Black Crappie with a Bobby Garland Baby Shad

    1. Taylor Payne 0
      Do u have recommendation I'm over by number 9 landing
  3. BluCat on Shad

    Blue Catfish with a cut bait

  4. Smallmouth Bass with a Yum Dinger

    1. Mike Thornton 0
      It ought to be starting up again after the summer doldrums. Fish should be moving, and staying, in the shallow grass. Watch for bait skipping in the grass as you ...more retrieve your lures. When you find this spend some extra time fishing. Also, don't be afraid to throw different baits. Spinner baits and chatter baits are good for finding some biting fish. can't go wrong with plastic baits in grass. Worms, brush hogs or any craw grubs. Work the edges when the boat is in deeper water. Good Luck........
    2. Scott Schuff 0
      My wife and I are coming to Lake Eufaula in three weeks and we will be there for a week or more and wanted to know how the fishing is in the fall. You’re coming ...more from Arizona
    3. Scott Schuff 0
      We are coming to fish for bass
    4. yeah mate its a large mouth :) nice catch! So my thoughts on catching smaller bass...there are always bigger ones hanging around, so catching small ones is a good ...more sign of larger bass being around the immediate area.
    5. Daniel Duty 0
      Well Mike Tenkiller lake in Oklahoma used to have smallmouth bass, I caught one weighing 2lb. years ago.
    6. Mike Thornton 0
      I believe post was supposed to say, "small largemouth". Have never seen a smallie below North Ga.
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  5. Two fish on the same lure at the same time

    Largemouth Bass with a Rattle trap

  6. Details: fish attractors

    Several pipe fish attractors

  7. catfishin with my bestie

    12 lb. 30 in. Blue Catfish with a bluegill

    1. Chuck Jeffries 0
      Good catch
    2. Everett mullin 0
      nice one Bob
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  8. Details: 2 lb. 12 in. White Bass with a rapala minnow

    1. Zachary Harris 0
      Hey guys my name is Zachary Harris I am about to have a bass touenment on Lake Eufaula supposed to have a cold front come does anybody know any good lures to catch ...more a lot a big largemounth
    2. Zachary Harris 0
      Hey guys my name is Zachary Harris I am about to have a bass touenment on Lake Eufaula supposed to have a cold front come does anybody know any good lures to catch ...more a lot a big largemounth
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  9. Caught these in 6-8ft. If water near the dock at Fountainhead Marina

    White Crappie with a Jig with minnow

    1. Tory Graham 0
      I'm headed out to Eufaula this weekend, and I'm not real familiar with . Any advice on where to catch some crappie?
  10. Details: 4 lb. Largemouth Bass with a red crankbait

    on the rocks in 3 to 10 foot of water on calm days

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