1. news from the Governors office.

    30.May marinas maintain in-person operations?
    Beginning May 1, 2020, marinas, boatyards, and recreational marine manufacturers ...more may
    provide services where such facilities adhere to strict social distancing and sanitization
    protocols. Operation of such facilities for the purposes of personal or commercial use or
    operation of boats or other watercraft is permissible; however, chartered watercraft
    services (including fishing charters with more than two clients) or rental services remain
    prohibited. Restaurant activity is limited to take-out or delivery only, and use of facilities
    for banquets, regattas or similar gatherings remains prohibited.

    31.I operate as a fishing guide, what in-person operations may continue?
    Beginning May 1, 2020, walk-in fishing guiding is permitted as long as you are able to
    minimize personal contact and abide by social distancing and masking guidelines,
    including maintaining six feet between individuals. Guiding from a boat may be done if
    you limit clients to two or less and are able to abide by social distancing and masking
    guidelines, including maintaining six feet between individuals at all times. Charter boat
    guiding for more than two clients remains prohibited.

    32.May sporting goods, hunting, fishing and tackle stores maintain in-person operations?
    Sporting goods stores, hunting fishing and tackle stores may not maintain in-person
    operations but may maintain self-service operations.

    1. Terry kremer 0
      As soon as they are done with docks at north east marina they will do walnut. I'd say within the next day or 2. Dredging is another matter. The pafbc workers ...more for that have to come up from middle of state. They are not allowed to stay in hotels yet, according to Matt at pafbc.
    2. Jeff Fink 0
      I hope they get Walnut Creek marina dredged and docks in soon! hopefully state workers will be back in the job ASAP.

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