1. I recently saw a video of a Snakehead guarding fry on Little Seneca Lake at Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds, Md. Please if you catch one kill it. Snakeheads ...more will destroy that reservoir. It's only 505 acres. Snakeheads spawn twice per year and they will overrun and eat all the baitfish.

    thank you and would you keep me informed if you hear of any Snakehead activity.

    1. J Howerton 0
      Saw someone catch one on little Seneca this morning. Decent size and fat belly may have been full of eggs. Cat is out of the bag.
    2. Jeremy Ricci 1
      John, I've actually been doing quite a bit of research on this snakehead situation. After reading quite about from biologists, there's simply no turning ...more back the clock with snakeheads, they are too prolific and once they reach a location, they are there to stay. In fact, the MD DNR has relaxed their stance on snakeheads in the area and now say you can either catch and kill immediately OR you can release them. This is a much different sentiment from them even just a few years ago.
      The most recent research out suggests that while snakeheads are definitely invasive species and do not belong in MD waters, they are not going to destroy the ecosystem. In fact, depending which research you read, snakeheads are actually a great food SOURCE for Bass, Walleye, Pike, etc.
      So ultimately it's up to the angler what they do with the fish, kill or release....

      There is only one real mandate/law when it comes to snakeheads. If you're going to dispatch the animal, you must do it immediately. It's illegal to transport live snakeheads at any time. Even if you're just going to bring it home and dispatch it there, you get caught, you could end up with a $500 fine (I am not positive on the amount, but there is a stiff fine for doing that).

      At any rate, I am out on Seneca regularly in my little 8' bass raider boat. I'll hit you up next time I go, always looking for new fishing friends.

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