1. The last few weeks have been great for largemouth. I haven't posted all my catches, but I'm averaging at least one 3+ pounder every day I go out. The major ...more trend I've noticed is they're holding in areas where deeper water (15-25 ft) meets rocky flats that come up to about 3-5 ft. This is on windy days (at least 10 mph). They're still hanging near the main lake points, but only at dusk.

    On calm days, they're holding around deeper rocky structure (15-20 ft), and in WIley Brook. However, the ones in Wiley Brook are really difficult to catch during the day.. they hang out under the docks and boats for the most part.
    But they respond quite well to topwater baits and spinnerbaits early morning and at dusk. I've had good success with a Zara Spook and a plopper type bait. But the spinnerbait is still the king on windy days and in the evenings. White skirts, bluegill skirts, and chartreuse/sexy shad colors with double and triple willow blades (3/4 oz).

    Smallmouth are still responding well to spinnerbaits on windy days, jerkbaits on calmer days, and deep-diving crankbaits pretty much any day. I'm getting lots of 1.5-2 pounders, but nothing bigger than that. But hey, they're still fun.. crazy fighters. Still looking for a big one, so that will be my focus over the next month.

    Honorable mentions include a couple really big pickerel, a good-sized rainbow trout (which I haven't caught since 2016), and a big white perch that actually hit a 10XD crankbait. Hooked in the mouth. Never thought I'd see that!

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