1. Just found out my friend, fellow trout fisherman and tournament foe committed suicide. I'm in shock right now and how am I gonna deal with this?

    1. Brian Quisenberry 0
      Very sad Kenny. I lost my fishing buddy 3 years ago. It's still tough for me to fish. Not that I lost my love for it but it just doesn't seem quite the ...more same. I miss the comrade and laughs we always enjoyed. Also miss the 4 am phone calls telling me to quit being a sissy and go because the rain was probably going to miss us anyway. Saying a prayer for your friend. Get back out on the water that's what he would love to see you do!
    2. Chris wallace 0
      Hate to hear that Kenny, I'm praying for peace for his family and friends...
    3. Allan Prasil 0
      Sorry to hear about your loss. You and his family will be In my prayers. I love what Kim said celebrate his life. Honor his memory and go fish and find peace. ...more That's what I do when when I'm struggling with life. Find peace with GOD and find a lake and put my poles in the water.
    4. Jennifer Trentham 0
      😓 prayers for you and his family
    5. Kim Wege 0
      Sorry for your loss. Fish in his memory!
    6. Kimberly Conklin 0
      I'm sorry for your loss..Honor his memory and celebrate his life. Do what he would want you to do. Catch a big fish and dedicate it to his love of fishing. ...more Most importantly find peace by the waterside
    7. Jerry Easteagle 1
      maybe hit the water and catch some fish because your life goes on.
    8. Tom Little 1
      Sorry to hear that.
    9. Jerry Easteagle 1
      sorry to hear about your friend man. don't know what to say

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