1. My Birthday is Saturday(January 30th), I am turning 29. who's down to go fishing??? I've been wanting to have a fishing buddy since the wife hates fishing. ...more she'll be gone the whole weekend. update: going to Cibolo Creek in the morning. if any one wants to join me, text me at any time or call me. my number is in the comments below. thanks

    1. fishineer88 0
      Not sure how that works
    2. fly_fisherman 0
    3. fly_fisherman 0
      @fishineer88 you got pm?
    4. fishineer88 0
      Send me your cell #
    5. fly_fisherman 0
      oh wait braunig!!! I'm trippin! sorry im tired from work. still here @fishineer88
    6. fly_fisherman 0
      is that morning?@fishineer88 I'm down to fish for any thing. where you wanna meet? i live in seguin. best place so far for me is Cibolo Creek
    7. fishineer88 0
      Stripers might be good out at braunig
    8. fishineer88 0
      Don't have any fly gear. What do you want to fish for
    9. fishineer88 0
      I'm game tomorrow
    10. fly_fisherman 0
      @Cowboy713 its all good bro. I'm down Saturday or Sunday or both days for whoever is available
    11. fly_fisherman 0
      71 views and no one yet? :(
    12. Chris Skinner 0
      I'd be down to go, but I've got work, and have been dealing with a lot this week,
    13. fly_fisherman 0
      lol its all good bro. @King_Fisher
    14. King_Fisher 0
      Man I'd be down if I didn't live in VA!

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