1. Not sure if this is old news but just found out that there's alligators in the Guadalupe river! Thought I should post it here so y'all can be aware what's ...more around when you fish in the river. here's a link to the news about it. http://www.kens5.com/story/news/2015/08/20/alligator-spring-branch-guadalupe/32035217/ Hope I was helpful....

    1. fly_fisherman 0
      they mentioned somewhere in Spring Branch, but still! also a woman told me they spotted one by the 1117 bridge
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      Interesting, I wonder where exactly they saw it, my great aunt and uncle's place backs up to the Guad in bulverde. Will have to keep an eye out from now on
    3. fishineer88 0
      I didn't think they liked cold water
    4. fly_fisherman 0
      you did?
    5. tmoonatx 0
      Oh maybe that's what I saw. .....

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