1. I final got contacts so I can wear regular sunglasses. Thank you for any help

    1. Donald Myers 0
      Really man, if you get a chance to compare lmk how it goes. I've compared SolarShields to a few different pair of glasses I had and they are always the best.
    2. luke s 0
      @kjack707 @Slightchop @cole_papa @DMyeWNY thank yall for you input
    3. cole_papa 0
    4. cole_papa 0
      I have costa brines with 580 lenses, i have oakley, raybans and maui jims and think that the polorization is the best on the
    5. michael michael 0
      @walleyebasshunter I have a pair of Costa with the best lens they make for about a year now first pair I've owned and I can say I'll never buy a different ...more pair from now on I love em!
    6. tritonbass 0
      Strike king is junk, my lenses got a screwed up in less then a month
    7. kjack707 0
      with my brother I'm able to spot more structure under water.. ray bans are awesome. I mean are we really comparing store bought polarized glasses to ray bans ...more or Oakley's
    8. kjack707 0
      OK I've had a few different pairs of glasses that I really liked.. my ray bans I LOVE!!! I get an extra 2-3 feet then any other glasses I've ever had. it ...more cuts right through shadows.. bass fishing....
      Gotta go costa man they are worth it
    10. luke s 0
      @cole_papa @Slightchop @kjack707 @DMyeWNY what do you guys think of the sunglasses you suggest for sight fishing?
    11. luke s 0
      @hunter_nessen I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but, I know that. I'm just askin was people think and what they like
    12. hunter_nessen 0
      It's all opinion @walleyebasshunter everyone says that they have the best glasses
    13. Donald Myers 0
      Man get yourself a pair of SolarShields. Best fishing glasses on the planet.
    14. kjack707 0
      ray bans.. best fishing glasses I've ever had..
    15. michael michael 0
    16. michael michael 0
    17. cole_papa 0
      Splurge a little for costas or maui jims. Good glasses are always worth the money
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