1. Anyone that eats saltwater fish should probably look at this.my father has been telling me for years not to eat anything from the bay because all the run off,dumping ...more of chemicals by plants,illegal dumping and countless other contaminants.the proof of the matter is on the Texas parks and wildlife website of course just like cigarettes the dangers are hidden to not discourage you from stopping.

    1. Gunner Newberry 0
      @BrianScott ha! Yesssss! @robz713 totally agree brother. Hunters/fishermen are the greatest conservationists and environmentalists.
    2. robz713 0
      I just wish some people would respect the water as we do @BrianScott @GunnerNewberry I think we all can agree with that
    3. Brian Mcpherson 0
      I give away most the fish I keep. God given talent shouldn't be wasted.
    4. robz713 0
      It all finds its way to the bay what ever it may be sucks but not all humans fish or care about them
    5. robz713 0
      And your right lots of things we eat even from the grocery store contain things bad for us it is capitalism with no morals @GunnerNewberry
    6. robz713 0
      Eat up then bud @GunnerNewberry I posted this because people think it's ok two eat it all the time there wouldn't be consumption warnings if it was ok to ...more eat
    7. Gunner Newberry 0
      Just as fast as a mess of fresh fried fish or shrimp. All I'm saying is you ain't gonna die from eating fresh flounder any faster than you'll die from ...more eating a chicken breast from Tyson.
    8. Gunner Newberry 0
      Heavily regulated than the big slaughter houses and massive farming operations. Not to mention handling from harvest to the meat counter or produce isle. That being ...more said I'll eat a ribeye from HEB
    9. Gunner Newberry 0
      I guarantee you there are more health risks related to consuming grocery store meat and produce than fresh caught and properly prepared fish from Galveston Bay. ...more The plants and refineries are more

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