1. Do you travel a lot? Or maybe live in an apartment with limited space? Fenwick's Method series travel rods give you the option you create four rods! Just swap ...more out the mid sections with the actions and tapers labeled on the provided rod sections and create the rod you need for your situation! Then break it down throw it in the car and get to class! (in my situation)

    1. MattLewis 0
      Sounds good
    2. Ryan Z 0
      well I took it as a compliment! I want to be in the fishing industry so commercials work for me! @MattLewis
    3. MusicCityBass 0
      @MattLewis it's all good man. @TexasRigged I love the Pflueger President. I have 3 they are great reels
    4. MattLewis 0
      I'm not being negative that's not how I am I was just saying. It looks really cool! @MusicCityBass
    5. Ryan Z 0
      @MattLewis I actually put it up here because someone might be in the market for an extremely versatile fishing rod they can take anywhere and prepare for multiple ...more situations.
    6. MusicCityBass 0
      @MattLewis basically. He's sponsored so they want him to advertise
    7. King_Fisher 0
      That's awesome!
    8. MattLewis 0
      Sounds like a commercial

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