1. Will this setup work for bull reds and sharks 80lb 300yds

    1. garrett weiss 0
      I use 8/0 straight hook for smaller ones and a 5 foot stinglestrand leader set the hook like 7 times also
    2. miguel moreno 0
      u should check out my buddies rigs theirs sweet @cmo11
    3. cmo11 0
      Depends 5/0 to 9/0 @garrettjweiss
    4. cmo11 0
      I mean @slatwater
    5. cmo11 0
      No I used to @slateayer
    6. garrett weiss 0
      What size hook u got on those rigs
    7. miguel moreno 0
      it should... do u make ur own rigs? @cmo11
    8. cmo11 0
      Thanks that's what I was hoping to catch @garrettiweiss
    9. garrett weiss 0
      Yea for smaller sharks like around 4-5 foot
    10. cmo11 0
      Ignore the location

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