1. Dang I was hoping you were gettin into them. Were you able to see fish on depth finder. Also we caught fish that day in morn with baits at 20'. Then in afternoon ...more the bite stopped and we noticed fish had dropped down so we dropped baits to 23'and started gettin fish again 2 of the big ones were caught at that time. So what i would try is different depth. Only other variable I can think of is color of beads and blades on harness. That day we caught more on blue and orange beads blade had a blue lines on it we also caught some on green beads gold blade. Keep a good attitude and keep fishing.

    1. William Anderson 0
      I used orange and fluorescent chartreuse, one of the beads were red. I varied the speed between .7 to 1mph. I did see fish between 20 ft and 35. Was there a certain ...more location you were fishing?
    2. Dan Mattingly 0
      Thanks for the invite. I have never fished Pa. How is it up that way.
    3. Bryan HESSE 0
      Fish for walleys email bhesse1958@gmail
    4. Bryan HESSE 0
      DON ! hey I live in Tyler hill PA my name is Bryan Hesse you ever want to go fishing, Look my up 1378 cochecton Tpke Tyler hill

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