1. Here's another laminate. Orange (our Virgin Kraw) and Black (w/ gold flake). This looks pretty good. And she needs a name...??

    1. James Roberts 0
      Creapy craw
    2. Sml Fishing 0
      Double trouble
    3. James Shores 0
      BlackGold Money Craw
    4. Kevin Wesley 0
    5. Dale Waggoner 0
      Thanks guys! That's a good one Jeff! Reminds me of Jimmy Buffet!
    6. Jeff Hale 0
      Butter craw
    7. Chris DuBose 0
    8. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice lookin craws, love them 702 craws!!
    9. Dale Waggoner 0
      Hey Robert, that's a good one!
    10. robert franz 0
      Coca-cola craw
    11. Dale Waggoner 0
      That's a possible Chris. That's a possible.
    12. Chris DuBose 0
      Black Pumpkin
    13. Dale Waggoner 0
      Noah, I originally purchased them at www.basstackle.com but I don't think they carry it anymore. You can also look at www.btsmolds.com as well.
    14. Noah Shapiro 0
      Where did you get the mold?
    15. Dale Waggoner 0
      Thanks for the comments guys! Greatly appreciated! Noah, not too sure what your question is. The Kraws are sitting in an aluminum bread tray. Is that what you ...more are asking? Our baits are hand injected into CnC manufactured aluminum molds.
    16. Awesome!
    17. Noah Shapiro 0
      What is the outside of the mold. A cup?
    18. Chelsea miller 0
      midnight sun
    19. Dale Waggoner 0
      Ooh,....that could be it! Very unique.
    20. Eddie Goode 0
      Mud Dobber
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