1. Here is one from my Rayburn trip.

    1. John Morgan 0
      The Story goes like this:
      Been fishing all day, caught probably 60 fish and this one in the picture the largest of the day that I got in the boat. So we are about ...more 17 miles up the lake from where we are staying, starting to get to the point I need to put the running lights on and head back. I have a grass point spotted and decided to fish to that point and head in. I get to the point, throw the ribbit frog up in the grass and wham, an explosion. The fish hit so hard and took off so fast it doubled my rod over. I am thinking at this point that I should have re tied but it was getting so late I didn't want to loose what light was left. I felt the fish and it was by far the largest of the day. The fish took off and headed right at the boat. That fish never slowed down and went under the boat and at this point the rod tip was in the water from the strain. Im thinking the braid will hold and I am going to be the winner here. I never stood a chance with this fish. I couldn't turn him, I couldn't get him to come up and then pow, sounded like a 22 shot when the braid broke.
      So, lesson of the day, is re tie after a couple of fish are caught.

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