1. OK I know the old saying that the fish gets bigger and bigger every time the story is told, but can we at least be close to as honest as possible on here, and if ...more you're guessing or estimating please say so. Especially when people that catch BIGGER fish then YOU post true weights and lengths, and yours looks half the size, but MAGICALLY it some how weights 5-25 pounds more and is a foot or a half a foot longer. SMDH

    1. Tyler Curry 0
      Haha ya I agree with ya there. All they gotta say is guessing.
    2. Matthew Mata 0
      And like I said if your guessing say you are. NOT. THAT. HARD.
    3. Matthew Mata 0
      I know but when you catch a 2 lb 15 inch catfish and say it's 20lbs and 30 inch I mean come on. Seriously. Or a 1 1/2 lb 17 inch large mouth say it's 5 ...more lbs and 28inch is just as bad. Everyone who catches way bigger than what they have are very well aware of the lies. I get thinking some one caught bigger than state record and it's a damn minnow!! I congratulate but you ain't gotta lie!!! Geezzzz!!! Be honest!!! Your not talking to your aunty and long lost cousins here.
    4. Tyler Curry 0
      I think some people just don't know what fish weigh. I know when I was young I used to think a 3 lb bass was small but a 3 lber is a really nice fish at lest ...more here in Ohio.

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