1. Can't believe I'm in Corpus Christi and can't fish. Women really do drag you into stupid stuff!

    1. kenny thompson 0
      Trout green water!!! My wife would tell me go at it.
    2. Mary Johnson 3
      Well I would have been dragging my husband out to fish. Not all women hate fishing....WISH I WAS THERE!!!!!!! UGH!!!!
    3. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Wow that stinks. I love fishing Corpus.
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      my wife learned to stay out of the way of me fishing years ago...stand up for yourselves and go fishing more!!!
    5. Drew Gierach 1
      As a married man I will also say that women more often drag us men out of stupid stuff. I'd probably be dead by now if I didn't have someone looking out ...more for me.
    6. Geoffrey Rogers 0
      Damn that would drive me crazy, being that close to the water n can't go fish it. Should go buy u a setup n hit the surf later tonight lol

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