1. Whats the bass doing on Hartwell? Im coming from south louisiana in about a month to fish it for the first time just trying to figure out where I need to start looking. ...more Any advice is much appreciated.

    1. matthew warden 0
      thanks todd! ill hit the water on the 4th. Are there any particular pockets in the Tugaloo arm that are normally better than others?
    2. Todd Stevens 0
      Sorry if this might have been late
    3. Todd Stevens 0
      I found bass in pockets in 3 to 8 feet of water. I fish the Tugaloo arm, so I don't know how fast the main lake warms.
    4. matthew warden 0
      thanks todd! any particular areas produce better than others? what part of the lake will warm the fastest? i know some pockets are going to always warm before others ...more do.
    5. Todd Stevens 0
      The fish will likely be in a prespawn. If water temps are are around 50 degrees the bass will be on points and can be caught with balsa cranks like a shad rap and ...more jerkbaits like a clown or glass ghost X Rap Deep. When the water reaches 53 degrees, they will move up on secondary points and gradually make their way up to spawning pockets. Most fish spawn at 60 degrees. Use lots of search baits (preferably crawfish colored square bills and red eyes) to locate fish and then slow down to a Carolina rig or jig. Havoc sick fish swimbaits shine during the spawn.

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