1. I really enjoy Fishidy but would love to take it to the next level by getting to meet up with some of the guys who fish my local lakes. So many good guys making ...more good posts - would love to talk fishing or maybe do a Fishidy premium members only tourney? Maybe somehow create a chat room for specific lakes for premium subscribers to share info? Offer easier ways to reach out directly to our followers as opposed to sharing in public? Just spit-ballin' here to see what everyone else thinks....

    1. Lee Lynn 0
      For sure Ben, most creeks are the size of small lakes on the big C. Maybe sometime if it works out we mite try to cross some eyes and stretch some lines down there ...more some time? Just shoot me a message in advance.
    2. Ben Stacy 0
      I live in Cincinnati but have lots of family around Lake Cumberland so spend a lot of weekends there. Definitely a monster to figure out but also holds some monsters!
    3. devin Meldahl 0
      me to
    4. Lee Lynn 0
      I see ur a cumberland fan! I live roughly a hr from either end of the lake. Somerset/burnside or the dam at wolf creek!! Awesome lake, can make u feel like a pro ...more one day and a zero the next!! Lol
      Also just 7 miles from cedar creek. Was out there today. Water low and kinda muddy. 41-44* water temp.
      Bout a hr from green river to lol!!
    5. Ben Stacy 0
      Alvin, you're my kind of man! I can be at Lake G in seven hours without my boat - might take 8 if I have to swing by and grab my boat from the lake!
    6. Alvin Randolph 0
      Hi Ben, my name is Alvin and I'm a fishing addict.
    7. Ben Stacy 0
      Lee's definitely on point with what I was thinking but I love everyone coming up with ideas. My emphasis is on meeting passionate fishing guys and tournaments ...more to hone skills. For a variety of reasons I also find it hard to connect in any meaningful way with any local fisherman. I'd love to have more guys to be able to call on short notice to go fish with that actually are as addicted and serious about fishing as I am and are interested in sharing the nuances of how they find success, techniques, etc. That stuff is best done on the water with people you enjoy spending time with IMO.
    8. Lee Lynn 0
      The idea of a on line tourney is cool but I think what Ben Stacy was gettin at is if it would be possible for groups of people that fish common lakes and species ...more being able to actually get together and meet face to face. Possibly leading to a friendly tourney or just a gathering. Maybe even going as far as going to different lakes and fishing a trail. I realize this is a huge web page with people from all over, but that in its self could result in different levels a tourney could go? Local, regional, national!?!?! Maybe a pipe dream but it's worth puttin out there.
      I'm by no means knockin the online tourney. It sounds fun and I would participate in that with fishidy and am gonna check out the other site as well.
    9. Christopher Pereira 0
      check out onlinefishingtournament.com the contests there are run by snapping a pic of the fish on the ruler and instead of weight it's based on length. you ...more can do multi species or caps or combined lengths of a certain number of fish. check out that site and see what i mean. maybe fishidy.com and onlinefishingtournament.com could even do something together!
    10. Lee Lynn 0
      Sounds great to me!! Tourneys, get togethers, friendly camaraderie and friendly competition. Let's put our heads together and make it happen.
    11. Eliseo Gonzales 0
      Let me know
    12. Alvin Randolph 0
      We're eagerly waiting Drew....I'm sure just about everyone one here is just as competitive ad I am.
    13. John Fitch 0
      Ya I've been thinking of how to make the tourney work. Maybe require the catch be posted when and where you catch it on Fishidy before it can be weighed at the ...more weigh in station.
    14. Roy Carender 0
      Ben sounds great for us to meet up I see there is only about ten or so but as far as me motor is in rebuild blown piston and plus I live in richmond but grew up ...more in faubush I say a good tourney 10 dollar pot we all know not cheap to Fish I spend 200 every trip but if someone has an empty back seat I would show up
    15. Andrew Feller 0
      The fishidy tourney sounds like an appealing idea to me
    16. Christopher Pereira 0
      Rich and I use a site called onlinefishingtournament.com to compete against people all over the continent using fish length (picture of fish on a ruler) as the means ...more of measurement. If fishidy had similar style contests, I'd play here too!
    17. Drew Gierach 0
      All great ideas! You'll be happy to know some of the features you mentioned are coming to Fishidy users in 2016. Stay tuned!
    18. Eddie Goode 0
      I like the idea about a Fishidy Tour.
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