1. Conditions Anyone know what the ramps look like? Did they start draining the lake? Was out the other day and had 3 feet clearance to bottom of 98 bridge

    1. Fast Eddie 0
      I fish from my boat
    2. Aja Moore 0
      where is it that you fish? I always go down to where the pier is and get very little bites.
    3. Fast Eddie 0
      Thanks ..I looking towards Saturday early am before the front comes in..I know you have to walk on the two logs to get to the T dock Kinda of sucks when you alone ...more launching
    4. Jimbo Basser 0
      Was out there yesterday and the water is starting to come down. Water still covers entire ramp and you can't walk to the docks.
    5. Fast Eddie 0
      Whats it like out there? How are the ramps ?

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