1. my 1st New Hampshire bass!!!!!

    1. Travis Lilienthal 0
      Me neither I'm back in tn now but he said he sees u on there all the time with nice bass and that he can tell ur a great father
    2. John Fletcher 0
      Tell Doug I said what's up and Congrats bro..... The image of him holding that bass up will never be erased from my mind LOL
    3. Travis Lilienthal 0
      Me n doug were talking about ur fish he lost lol he said he follows u on Facebook
    4. John Fletcher 0
      Lol Travis..... Your probably right!
    5. Travis Lilienthal 0
      John if u leave water in ur bath tub Ling enough I'll catch a bass in there lol
    6. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice bass!
    7. John Fletcher 0
      That a boy!!!

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