1. Don I see u fish musky I usually fish bass but where I've recently moved two I've been hooking a lot of huge musky and can't never get them in before ...more they snap my line what kind of line do u use brand,lb test etc????? any advice would be highly appreciated

    1. Travis Lilienthal 0
      thanks a lot mitch and Don I've caught a few the biggest is my profile pic but yesterday I hooked one and got it to the boat it had to be 5 ft long I'm gonna ...more go get that line and leaders asap thanks guys!!!
    2. Mitch Roth 0
      If our bass fishing chances are you aren't using a steel leader, when I pike fish I always use one but still end up catching bass anyhow so it shouldn't ...more hinder most lures
    3. Don Varese 0
      Most of the guys are using 65 - 100 lb braid. I prefer TUF-LINE XP just because that's what I started with and had no complaints so I never tried anything else. ...more Also, you will need good leaders. I used 100 lb. flourocarbon which is on the lite side but works best with all bait sizes. Just make sure if you detect any nicks in it, replace it. Hope this helps.

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