1. Anyone out there have any updates for bass fishing on Rough River? Got a club tournament Sunday and was hoping to get some recent news. I assume fish are fairly ...more deep 15-20 ft on any humps or ledges. Just wondering if any buddies or followers have any recent experiences to relay.

    1. Ted Myers 0
      Much appreciated.
    2. Matt Goetz 0
      We caught some nice bass fishing around submerged boulders throwing Texas rigged lizards in chartreuse flake. I also caught several on a blue/chrome rat-l-trap in ...more the afternoon around chunk rock banks on the main lake.
    3. Ted Myers 0
      Thanks Matt. Any other information on a pattern? I'll be fishing a day tournament. Wacky rig and shallow sounds like either a dock or night pattern
    4. Matt Goetz 0
      A buddy of mine won a tourney 2 weeks ago fishing the wacky rig with no weight. He was fishing shallow too.

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