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Robert Coleman
1/24/2023 2:59:59 AM

Nephew and I got a couple JUMBOS. Mine came in at 14", and Mike's was 13.5". Pretty sure his weighed more, as you can tell by the gut on it. Quite possibly the best ice fishing trip we've had. Now to get Morris up here to give this ice thing a try! 不不不不不

Catch Details

Yellow Perch

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14.0 in.

Catch Conditions

WSW at 10mph


    1. Thanks Stan
    2. Some good eating, nice job,
    3. Thanks Tim & Robert鳶
    4. Tasty!
    5. Tim Crowley 1
      Good ones!
    6. Thanks Dave
    7. No sign of any of them Bryan. Well, I guess we all did catch at least one Walleye, but no size.
    8. Dave Jerry 1
      nice job Robert, love to catch jumbos
    9. Bryan Harper 1
      Nice sized perch! Wheres the Pike,Walleye,and Smallies! Ive been wanting to hit those NE South Dakota lakes for years!!!
    10. BAHAHAHA, oh I knew what you were referring to Scott!
    11. Scott S 1
      Couple of studs.....the Perch that is....lol
    12. Giants
    13. Thanks George
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