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thomas l
9/14/2022 1:33:58 AM

nice 4-5 pounder, biggest of day, caught 10 mostly small ones before the rain Monday, this by far the biggest, hitting the top water torpedo lures.

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Lake Wallenpaupack

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Catch Conditions

WSW at 5mph


    1. Tim Crowley 0
      Makes a huge difference!
    2. thomas l 0
      great idea, I'm usually alone, and have to work in trips around work. but yes this was a shame not to get the full size he was a nice one. will try that next ...more week!
    3. Tim Crowley 0
      Figure out how to do a self timed selfie if you have an iPhone to get better pictures. On my boat I put cell on console and set a 10 second timer for bigger fish.

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