A photo of Tod Fisher's catch

Caught By

Tod Fisher
8/5/2022 7:53:49 PM

tough day but managed a few. before storms came in

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Sandy River Reservoir

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guide bait
18.0 in.
3 ft.

Catch Conditions

S at 7mph


    1. Nice 👍
    2. Neil Levey 1
      I feel your pain brother...heat is killin' us all!!
    3. Tod Fisher 2
      Guess I should be lookin on the bright side Neil😂 I just been having a hard time finding a consistent pattern in this heat
    4. Neil Levey 2
      I think you and I have a different definition of tough day...lol
    5. Tod Fisher 2
      Thanks Chad, Thanks Rick
    6. Rick Carey 1
      very solid fish Todd. good work hunting..
    7. Chad Jaco 1
      Nice one Tod!!
    8. Tod Fisher 1
      thank ya Bryan
    9. Bryan Harper 1
      Nice one
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