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Todd Haas
7/28/2022 12:55:02 PM

One more custom spinner bait, hope to start cranking out more soon and hopefully take some requests for order! Been catching a lot of Smallmouth and Largemouth with these.

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Delaware River

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Spinner Bait

Catch Conditions

Mostly Clear/Mostly Sunny
WSW at 3mph


    1. Chris Haas 0
      it's ok to be jealous bro, no big deal lol
    2. I don't doubt that you've caught several basses before, however, your post clearly states that you were on the Delaware river this morning catching bass ...more when that really isn't the case. As for your lures, seriously, the paint job and skirt could use a lot more work. Let me know how sales turn out. Thanks!
    3. Chris Haas 1
      check my page and you'll see several bass caught on our homemade lures... maybe if you had some you would have pictures to share. lol hahaha
    4. Where are the fish you supposedly caught?
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