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Todd Haas
7/28/2022 12:52:52 PM

Another custom spinner bait, hope to start cranking out more soon and hopefully take some requests for order! Been catching a lot of Smallmouth and Largemouth with these.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Delaware River

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Spinner Bait

Catch Conditions

Mostly Clear/Mostly Sunny
WSW at 3mph


    1. Rather than be confrontational I would just suggest you post on Facebook Marketplace rather than on this forum. Best of luck to you, they should sell!
    2. My comment is in no way negative, I'm just pointing out the fact that you falsely posted about catching bass on the Delaware river this morning when in fact ...more you didn't. If you want to sell your spinner baits open an online store. Thanks!
    3. Todd Haas 2
      Hey Enrico, not sure why you have to provide negative comments. You are better off keeping your thoughts to yourself. This is a fishing community and I am free to ...more post whatever content I want. we are proud of the few lures that we've made and would like to be able to share them with other people. simple as that. Next time, keep it to yourself. Thanks.
    4. You should be more upfront and admit that you're really angling for spinner bait sales, hoping to catch people on Fishidy.
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