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Bill Holsonback
7/11/2022 4:32:00 PM

Air temp 70, water temp 74, light SW wind , barometer 30.02 falling, water light stain. Launched at 6:00AM fished till 11:00AM. Managed quite a few bass ( got over counting fish years ago) mix of LM and SM. First fish took a 3 1/2 inch coffee tube in 6 feet of water on wood, it spit up a small bait fish. Tried to match shad colored crank bait to no avail. Found the hot bite on wacky rigged stick baits. O Rings we’re a must or I would have used bags of stick baits. Even with O Rings I had a pile of burned up rubber on the deck. Most fish came on brushy points and secondary weedy points hitting in 4 to 6 feet of water. Majority of fish were 2 to 3 pounds, long and skinny with a couple footballs in the mix. And the usual dinks. Sorry for the unconventional “ Fishidy” post, as most here don’t give actual reports, just pics and brags. Hope my info helps others. I fish almost every day and will try to add more reports here and there.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Nockamixon

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Catch Conditions

SW at 1mph


    1. Great report! Im new to fishing the lake. Its been very slow for me. I usually fish the south end. Where are you fishing?
    2. Jeff, It is. I highly recommend it.
    3. Jeff Macosko 0
      Hey Bill! Sounds like retirement is working out pretty well!
    4. George Horvath 0
      Great post
    5. Gary Hughes 0
      Appreciate the detail.
    6. Gary Hughes 0
      And nice fish by the way.
    7. Laurent Carter 0
      Bill thanks for the post keep them comming very helpful.. I have had 0 luck at Nockamixon lately
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