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Origin outdoors
6/27/2022 8:32:31 PM

A sucker in lake vermillion! I’m just as surprised as you are. Caught on a worm using a drift sock trying to catch walleye.

Catch Details

White sucker
Vermilion Lake

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1 ft. 11 in. in.
6 lb. 4 oz.
26 ft.

Catch Conditions

WSW at 7mph


    1. Dave Scudder 0
      I caught those in Pigeon Forge, Tn, but they were only about 6" long. Can you eat those?
    2. We checked for book marks but there weren’t any. There is a spot by USA island we’re it turns into a creek so maybe it came through there
    3. Tim Crowley 0
      I’ll add to Craig’s comment- I was going to say it was probably someone’s Muskie bait. Stayed at a cabin resort on the lake about 23 years ago. Love the area!!!
    4. George Horvath 0
      Big one
    5. Craig Anderson 0
      Great Musky bait!
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