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Christopher Pereira
11/30/2021 3:17:00 AM

Funny story… i went to go to a particular spot, a guy was fly fishing. So i pull away to give him the curtesy to leave him be and go down to the next spot. As im getting my waders on, that same guy pulls into the lot. I say “oh i was gonna fish that other spot you were in but came down here to let you be”… thinking he’d show me the same curtesy…. NOPE! He goes ‘yeah i didnt catch anything there, you can go fish it now’ and he walks down to the river in front of me. Soooo i get back in my truck, go back to his original spot, and absolutely slaughter rainbows 🤣🤣🤣 here’s just a few. I had at least a dozen, including some small wilds and the nice one in my other picture!

Catch Details

Many rainbows

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    1. That'll show him. Nice Bows brother! 👍👍👍👍👍
    2. I never saw the guy before, but i put the story and pics all over the internet in hopes he'd see them haha
    3. Tim Crowley 3
      One more time- etiquette!!!!!!!!
    4. Tim Crowley 2
      Edicate! Oops my New Jersey education is showing 😅
    5. Tim Crowley 5
      Absolutely beautiful markings. In the old days I would have gone Jersey on the other guy, would be the last time he did that. Can’t believe how many people have ...more no clue about fishing educate. Hope you at least showed him the photos 🤪
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