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Charlie Mitchell
10/23/2021 7:10:47 PM

Had a good day smashed the one and done I went to 4 different places landed 4 large mouth bass 3 of them around 2+ pounds then this monster I left my phone at home but I got a couple of nice ladies to take a picture and sent it to my phone I’m guessing in in the 5+ pound club now this girl looked like a prop cut her years ago it was healed up nicely but a good scar on her top fin I wish I had my scale I marked my arm length she was about 21 inches and healthy she was a fighter I said my goodbyes and she swam off strong

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Eagle Creek Reservoir

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spinner bait
1 ft. 9 in. in.
5 lb.
10 ft.

Catch Conditions

WNW at 5mph


    1. Scott S 0
      Very nice
    2. Neil Levey 0
      Chunk! Nice!

Catch Location

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