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Mr. Boatless
10/16/2021 3:18:19 PM

Caught 6 this morning. 4.2lb, 3.9lb, 3.2lb, 2.4lb, 2.0 lb and an honorable mention. I lost a vintage Bagley DB9. Almost lost my gator grip Golden rule. Almost lost my pliers. I had fun though I was catching them on crankbaits and top water. I had 2 that got away, I didn't get them landed. I lost some last weekend also, and I believe it was because I'm getting lazy setting the hook. Those larger bass have tough mouths.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Eagle Creek Reservoir

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4 lb. 2 oz.

Catch Conditions

NW at 15mph


    1. copy that I’m a power fisherman also I have 4 rods 2 spinners and 2 bait casters I’ve lived here since 2012 mostly fished up in New Hampshire I’m really liking ...more the hunt for big bass out here I plan on doing some creek fishing this week or just exploring the mouth of eagle creek I’ll be back from Tennessee tonight I might head over to raul king tonight to get some good wading boots I have a Colorado pontoon rig just trying to figure out a good place to put in over there at the mouth of eagle creek
    2. Mr. Boatless 1
      Hello Charlie I did not have an opportunity to measure the water temperature. Majority were near the mouth. I am primarily a power fisherman and carry 4-5 rods ...more all rigged differently. The more time fishing and less time goofing around with rigging. I look for targets that should have fish and then choose the appropriate rig. I cover a lot of ground. I twisted my ankle back in June and it still is giving me fits. Last year I got in some poison Ivy that sent me to the doctor and I lost a week of work. Yesterday I slipped off the embankment and filled my boots with water. For me the challenge is not only catching the fish but trying to get to where the fish are at. 🐠
    3. what’s the water temp
    4. are you catching these by the 56th street bridge or at the mouth of the creek
    5. are you catching these by the 56th street bridge or at the mouth of the creek
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