A photo of Tim Green's catch

Caught By

Tim Green
9/28/2021 3:06:00 PM

This football hit a crawfish imitation hard bait in five feet of water. Fish was returned to the fishery.

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Tongue River Reservoir

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Crawdad Diver Hardbait

Catch Conditions

SW at 1mph


    1. Scott Sexton 0
      Thanks Tim, that’s helpful info… i f you ever see a green and white bass boat darting around over there it’s me .I don’t know if you ever fish yellowtail but it’s ...more fishing very good and water is very clear. Tight lines
    2. Tim Green 0
      Hey Scott. the N. end and side tributaries are pretty clear but it looks like the lake has turned over and mid-lake is brown, thick and murky. Also looks like ...more possible algae bloom in the backwater. Fishing has been good.
    3. Scott Sexton 1
      Nice football, I have a small club tournament over there saturday.Do you know if the north end of the lake is pretty clear?

Catch Location

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