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Drew H
9/20/2021 11:47:00 AM

Finally back to Cross Creek. Got 7 on a few different baits. The lake has some funky algae right now, I was so used to it being clear!


Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Cross Creek Lake

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Catch Conditions

ESE at 3mph


    1. Donald Steiner 1
      try a green or pearl tube over top of grass or weed edges
    2. Jim Holland 1
      Went out there, on Tuesday. Middle section. Seemed to be rather algae-clear, so it MAY just be the eastern portion, right now, especially since it's the shallowest ...more area.
    3. Mark Merlin 1
      Welcome back
    4. Drew H 1
      It was pretty interesting. I could see the path of boats and kayaks really clearly in the water because they would churn up the water into this brownish orange stuff.
    5. Frank Yamada 1
      Nice! I haven’t seen algae blooms very often at Cross Creek. weird for this time of year too.
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