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John M
9/16/2021 12:54:00 AM

I did a marathon on the Allegheny River Monday (sun-up to sunset). Caught 15 fish in total; 12 smallmouths, 2 cats and a bluegill just to confuse me (lol). Here is the best of the Smallies (3lbs) and a PB "for me" since I started catching them a few months ago. Fun struff.

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Allegheny River - Pittsburgh

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3 lb.

Catch Conditions

WNW at 5mph


    1. Jim Holland 1
      Nice Catch, John! You're restoring my faith in the Smallie population, on the Lower Allegheny!
    2. Mark Merlin 0
      Did you go by yourself? I'd love to fish it myself just don't know where to launch.
    3. John M 1
      Hey Frank. I must have paddled my kayak over 6 miles that day ...ouch (lol)
    4. Frank Yamada 1
      Nice, John. You must have locked through on a float that long. Congrats on your PB.
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