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John M
8/27/2021 10:48:00 PM

Another decent day on the Allegheny. 13 fish in all. 6 smallmouths, 6 walleye and a perch for good measure (lol). All on a crankbait. This was the best of the Smallies.

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Allegheny River

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    1. Rick S 1
    2. John M 1
      Frank, yeah it's easy to paddle ...very SLOW current, especially near the shorelines. Sometimes no movement at all. It's actually low wind ...unlike Lake ...more Arthur at times (lol).
    3. Frank Yamada 0
      Thanks, John. What I meant was are you able to launch and exit from the same launch (meaning that you can paddle easily up river). The launch that you mentioned ...more is not too far from the lock and dam (Pool 3).
    4. John M 1
      Frank, I'm launching in the Springdale area at some small marina.
    5. Frank Yamada 1
      Nice smallie! Are you able to do a single-access launch at pool 4?
    6. Mark Merlin 1
      wow, that's a beauty, wtg
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