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thomas knopp
8/16/2021 1:00:00 PM

the way it hit I thought it was a big bass

Catch Details

Black Crappie
residential pond in Joliet,il.

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1/8 oz. jig with 3' white twister tail


    1. thomas knopp 0
      guess I'm old school because I use jigs and twister tails for almost everything I catch , when it's early in the season I use a 1/16 oz jig tipped with minnows ...more only and cast and catch
    2. Rick Carey 1
      of course bobby garlands work well also I only use the gulps if their finiky cause their not cheap $...they tear easy tho but they choke them well..especially big ...more crappie like the 2.5 inch ones...tip for the day if u don't already know that?
    3. Rick Carey 1
      nice one..not sure what you use for crappies but try this if casting for them 1/16-1/8 oz road runner tipped with either 1" or 2 1/2 inch gulp minnows emerald ...more shiner or smelt colors..or if just jigging vertically use them on 1/32-1 1/16oz jighead....$$$$ buddy...or 2-3inch yum grubs I use super glue to keep the baits pegged to jigheads or road runners cause they slide off easy