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Robert Coleman
5/31/2021 11:22:41 PM

Mason took home the gold medal for the day when he landed this kitty cat. Just under 29". This one had a VERY distinct overbite with a big bump under its chin. And I recognized it from four years ago.

Catch Details

Channel Catfish

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Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms
29.0 in.
9 lb. 1 oz.

Catch Conditions

SSW at 9mph


    1. He says thanks JoshπŸ‘Š
    2. WTG.Mason!
    3. She was a nice one George. He had fun reeling it in!πŸ‘Š
    4. Big one
    5. Thanks Bryan & MartinπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
    6. great for the kids. congrats
    7. Bryan Harper 1
      Fantastic! WTG Mason channeling in the Kitty!πŸ‘ŠπŸŽ£
    8. Nice surprise when bass fishing. Thanks FHπŸ‘Š
    9. Fish Hunter 1
      Nice Cat! Catfishing awsome right?
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