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Rick Vogelbacher
5/23/2021 10:05:00 AM

Lake Erie Fishing 05-23-21

What a day for an adventure. Jim and I made our way out of Sterling State Park in Monroe Michigan. We headed east on the lake and fished many things along the way. The only thing that was consistent was the white bass bite. We hit several places along the lake in our route. We hit Swan Creek and caught only a couple there. We hit the spoils and only found a couple there as well. The white bass certainly filled any voids for missing bites, but finding the right bass were more difficult. We hit lots of areas at the mouth of the Detroit River and found some smallmouth, but no big numbers. We even went up the Huron River mile or two. We found some largemouth, rock bass, muskie, and pike.
We decided to spend the rest of the day on the lake and managed some more smallmouth and largemouth. It was a real grind, but we were rewarded for our persistence. The grind paid off with some nice smallmouth. The tactics that worked were slowly dragging swimbaits in 10 to 12 feet of water. Burning spinnerbaits over shallow flats. Chatterbaits in the river and swim jigs. Jerkbait on flats also produced a few. We’ll get a video out of the day at some point. Water temperature on the lake was running 66 to 67 degrees. Visibility was really good. Below are few pictures from the day of fishing.
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Smallmouth Bass
Detroit River

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12 ft.