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Christopher Pereira
4/8/2021 3:22:00 AM

Well... first open water musky attempt of the season and i got myself the coveted and elusive 50” nj musky! What a fish, i have no words! Work’s computer network got hacked giving me the day off... i couldnt get anyone to fish with me... i closed the garage door on my boat... left my rods on the steps... broke one of my rod guides putting them in the truck after going back to get them... it really wasnt looking good for me today until this momment 😂

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    1. Christopher Pereira 0
      this one came first open water musky trip of the season...maybe 50 casts haha
    2. michael tomicich 1
      Great catch. The fish of 10k casts...
    3. michael tomicich 0
      Lake Hopatcong right?
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      Trust me, i only made that mistake once 😂
    5. Thats why I leave my net in the boat always. I lost 2 of my biggest lakers because I forgot my net.
    6. Daniel Eichhorn 1
      congratulations I saw your picture on the NJ fish and Wildlife awards email
    7. Daniel Eichhorn 1
      congratulations I saw your picture on the NJ fish and Wildlife awards email
    8. Daniel Eichhorn 1
      congratulations I saw your picture on the NJ fish and Wildlife awards email
    9. Christopher Pereira 3
      I felt like i was gonna puke after the adrenaline rush wore off haha... at least i had a net for this one 🤣
    10. How long were you shaking afterwards? Did it smack you in the face 4 times like mine?
    11. Holey shit, I thought I had bad luck. Awesome catch brother. Wish I could have been there. 😥
    12. Josh Sommerville 1
      Tank Esox bud. congrats 👊
    13. Bryan Harper 1
      Congrats! That’s a tank! 🏆🎣👊🍻
    14. Christopher Pereira 0
      Tim, i didn’t even remember to bring my rods 😂 my brain was a disaster... im off this week, we’ll fish!
    15. Christopher Pereira 0
      Oh damn man 😂
    16. Chad M 1
      nice fish man!!! I had the exact same day but with crappies. got half way across the lake and didn’t have any rods. found the biggest school of crappies I’ve ever ...more seen, caught a 13” and dropped a 300$ rod in the drink...
    17. Tim Crowley 1
      Additional note: my phone didn’t ring.Unfortunately you have another 10,000 casts until the next one
    18. Tim Crowley 1
      Monster!!! Awesome (makes me wonder who hacked computers). You NJ guys consistently impress me.
    19. Mike A. 1
      Nice one Chris! You’re always in search of a new best! Well done!
    20. Christopher Pereira 1
      Thanks everyone!
    21. NJ Squatch 1
      Congrats man that is one hell of a fish
    22. john stimson 1
      nice catch with a ruff start
    23. Chad Jaco 1
      The size and color of that fish is amazing!!
    24. Erich Senft 1
      damn....any chance for tag along a if you go for the blue fin again ? jk but serious :D
    25. Pete Lyden 1
      unbelievable!! hats off to ya!
    26. Ben Ruley 1
    27. Greg Malachowski 1
    28. Scott S 1
      Off to a bad start, but it looks like your luck turned around...Congrats on that monster...very cool fish
    29. Rick S 1
      What a trophy!
    30. Robert Coleman 1
      Awesome brother! Truly a Fish of a lifetime. Congrats! 👊👍👍👍👍👍
    31. Chad Jaco 1
      Congratulations Chris!!
    32. b ripoer 1
      Wow that's a beauty..
    33. Melissa Norris 1
      Wow! Nice catch!!😀😁
    34. Debbie Ferguson 1
      Monster catch! You sure turned the day around with that one!! 👍🏻😁
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